About Biographical selection

My painting is grounded in the aesthetics of gestural abstraction and fields of colours. At the beginning I work intuitively, drawing various masses of spontaneous traces or long lines that gradually form a field of colour, shapes and textures. All these elements are inspiring and the working surface is in a constant flow state.

I read them as anthropological, ethnographic reports from a distant culture that surrounds us but which we never fully understand, where the representative elements became traces, fragments, pieces, twists of thread, damaged pieces, writings, most of them with a familiar, intimate shade.

The man-made pieces that have been deformed in time also continue to roll over trying to show us the importance of their conservation and memory. Thus, it also marks a melancholic approach of our life and death.

On the other hand, I am also drawn by the social connection between humans, using the same language, gestures that connect us without being aware of it, like a puzzle. Sometimes I imagined many people working one morning at this puzzle , each passing by and leaving a sign, thus building a human network and a permanent connection.

I am fascinated by the rhythm, repetition, dynamics created by these thousands of lines, there are jumps and pauses in some places and colour accumulations in others. For me, building networks, relations with endless shades that appear, disappear and reappear, form a language that is constantly adapting.